Hello, my name is Cheryl Ruffing. Welcome to Ruff Edge Design. Here are a few particulars about me: In 1990, I graduated from St. Anselm College with a degree in English and a nebulous notion about a writing career. While I eventually managed to fill the better part of three years with paid writing gigs, embarking upon the great adventure of motherhood in 1996 effectively put the kibosh on that. The intervening 20+ years have been peppered with a few shakes of paid writing, design, and proofreading assignments, but nothing to write home about. The funny thing that happened on the way to this point in my life, though, is that I discovered a love for photography and art. While I have no desire to pursue either as a career (I’m still raising and homeschooling four of my six kids, with the oldest moved out, and the next one becoming more independent by the day.), I am enjoying the exploration, the learning, the revelation that I've found through my camera and my art supplies. I’ve not abandoned words, but I’m finding that I like to keep most of them to myself. The ones I do share can be found here, on the Essays page, and at The Ruff Draft and Fragrance that the Violet Sheds. More images can be seen on Flickr.